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How to submit manuscripts online, with ankh-hermes

The tradition of manuscript submission began with the ancient Greeks, who used their own hands to write down their thoughts on paper.Now, there are thousands of other ways to submit online.But the best way to make a contribution is by getting the help of a professional. To submit manuscripts for online

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How to Write a Greek Novel, from the Manuscripts of Ancient Greece

Written on the margins of a dusty, faded paperback, is the story of a boy named Agamemnon, who discovers the city of Troy and its great god, Zeus.The boy’s journey and the story it tells are intertwined with the story and philosophy of Homer.But the man who writes this book

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Why is Al Jazeera a bad place for journalism?

Al Jazeera has been a hotbed for criticism and controversy, but the network has managed to keep its core values intact, despite having been accused of bias and mismanagement in the past.The network has faced numerous scandals in recent years, including the hacking of its website by a group calling

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The world of manuscript definition: Why do we do it?

Ignorance of the word manuscript is an understatement.The idea of a word, even if you know what it means, is not always apparent.The word definition in English has evolved over time to encompass a broad range of terms, including literary, scientific, scientific writing, and scholarly.We’re here to give you a

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When will we know whether it’s true that men and women are the same thing?

People have long been fascinated by the idea that men are the primary sex and that women are secondary.The latest research, however, suggests that’s not quite the case.In a new paper, psychologists from Yale University and the University of Cambridge have found that it’s not really the case that men

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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