‘It’s just a book’: Book of Lorgalis becomes the newest title for CBS News anthology series

NEW YORK — In a bid to draw attention to the challenges facing women in the world, “It’s Just a Book” has become the newest entry in the “It Gets Better” series on CBS News.

The book, which is set in Lorgalese refugee camp in Nigeria, will premiere Tuesday night on CBS and CBS All Access.

“This book is a story of hope, of redemption, of a woman’s ability to get back to the basics and do what’s best for herself and her family, regardless of the cost,” said Lesley Bissett, president and publisher of L.G.B.T.T., which is a non-profit that advocates for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

This is a book that tells a story about a woman who has come to terms with the truth of her sexuality, the power of love and how to turn that power into a blessing,” Bisset added.

For many African Americans, the Lorgale story has been the source of great pride and hope.

For those in the U.S., “It” was an important step toward equality and inclusion, Bissette said.

To mark the occasion, CBS announced the creation of the L. G.B., L.A., Lorgali Foundation to recognize the lives and work of Ligia Lorgalas.

Lorgali, the first African American woman to earn a master’s degree from the University of Michigan, was arrested in 1977 and imprisoned in the Largo Prison for more than a decade.

She eventually fled to Nigeria in 1994 to escape Boko Haram, a terrorist group led by the late Abubakar Shekau, who killed more than 70 people in a 1995 massacre at the Umpqua Community College.

After spending several years in captivity, Lorgalianas finally returned to the U.”s West Coast in 2003.

In 2014, L.g.b.t.t.-led protests forced the Nigerian government to release Lorgalia, but her imprisonment and incarceration has continued.

A federal judge released Lorgalista last week after a three-year battle to release her, which had seen her held without bail and threatened with death.

While Lorgallias story may be an inspirational one for those who believe in justice and equality, many of her supporters have questioned the authenticity of the book.

One critic said that the book was based on “a fiction that was created by a woman whose real life was so brutal and brutalized that she could not get a fair trial and who was sentenced to die by hanging in the same jail where she was held.”

L.gbt activists also said the book did not offer sufficient details about Lorgalamas life before and after being incarcerated.

It is not clear if the book is based on real life, but the author told the New York Daily News in 2013 that Lorgalos story was “a fictionalized version.”

“I am not writing this book for a mass audience or for the general public,” the author wrote.

Some of Lgbt activist groups are calling on the book to be removed from bookstores and libraries.

Many have called for the book’s publisher, W. W. Norton & Co., to publicly apologize to the author.

More than a dozen of the books’ publishers and bookstores have since come forward to offer an apology, saying the book had no connection to their brands.

Several of the authors who have offered apologies, including authors of the “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Frozen,” said that they had done nothing wrong.

“If you want to change the world by writing this, it’s your business and you can do it yourself, they said.

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