How to recognize an illuminated manuscript from the saragona manuscript

An illuminated manuscript, often called a saragonis, was a type of manuscript found in ancient Egypt.

It is usually referred to as a saragosi or saragoshi, but the name may be confusing because there were two versions of the saragoa.

The first is known as the “Saragossi,” or Saragossas, and it was a text written by a priestess, the goddess Hathor, who lived about 2500 B.C. to 3000 B.E. According to some accounts, the text was an alchemical composition that contains a large number of plants and animals.

It was known as a hymnal, a collection of prayers, and a sacred text.

The second version of the manuscript, called the “Tahit-Tahiti,” or the “Vulcanic,” was a manuscript found at an altar in Alexandria and dated to between 300 B. C. and 300 A. D. It includes a wide variety of animal, plant, and human names, including the word “Sarpat,” which means “goddess,” the name of a goddess in Greek mythology.

It also contains a number of magical and supernatural texts that are often used in religious ceremonies.

A saragoso is a type that has been lost for centuries, but now, thanks to a rare find of a second version, is being recognized as a genuine saragosa.

The Saragosi manuscript was found in the tomb of an Egyptian woman, known as Neferat, who was buried at a burial site in the Valley of the Kings.

The tomb contains several texts and images of Neferats life.

One of these images shows a beautiful woman standing before a golden throne, which is the throne of Hathor.

The text reads: “The daughter of Nefertiti (Hathor) has given you an ancient scroll that is called the saraganis, which contains the names of the gods.

The name of the goddess is Sarpat, which means ‘goddesses.'”

A number of people who have studied the texts have concluded that the text is the “Neferat-Taghit” (Vulcans-Tachit).

It was the name given to this version of Hathorgis manuscript, and many people in Egypt believed that it was the real version.

A small group of scholars, led by the late Prof. Dr. Elmar R. Dusselmann, who is the editor of the journal, the Journal of Ancient Egyptian Studies, has been able to find this second version in a fragment of the Saragosse manuscript that was excavated by the Egyptian Antiquities Authority.

The finding of the second version is particularly significant because the text has been missing from Egypt for a long time.

In 2012, a team of researchers led by Prof. Richard E. Rutter, director of the Museum of Coptic Studies in London, made the discovery of a large scroll of the same name in Egypt, the most important one of its kind.

In addition, a third scroll of this type, which was recovered from the tomb in 2012, was also found at the site.

The discovery of these fragments was reported in the British Journal of Archaeology.

The scholars then made the decision to return to the site, which has been excavated for decades.

The researchers found that the scroll contained the names, images, and rituals of all the deities and gods associated with Hathor and Hathor’s daughter, Sarpati.

However, the texts that the scrolls contained were in the form of a collection written in hieroglyphics, a type with many letters and symbols, instead of the typical type of Greek letters and Greek characters.

The texts are usually written in a language other than the Egyptian script, which allows for a much greater degree of comprehension.

The scroll was in a small box, and the contents of it were unknown to the researchers until now.

The researchers have been studying the texts for many years and have been able not only to identify them, but also to analyze the hieroglyphes that they contain.

The authors have found that many of the names and images on the scroll are in the Greek alphabet, as well as some characters that are in Cyrillic.

These characters make the texts appear more hieroglyptic than the original Greek text.

The scholars were able to identify the text as the Saragoa, which translates as “mystery scroll,” because it has been known to contain the names Sarpats name and images.

The names Sarkati, Sarkata, and Sarketi are all spelled with a capital letter “S.”

The name Sarpata is spelled “Sartan,” and the name Sarkat is spelled with an underline “S” because of the way the word appears in the text.

When the name

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