How to read the saragoons manuscript

The saragoon manuscript, which was found in the attic of a 19th-century house in Northampton, is one of the most important surviving manuscripts of the late 14th century, making it the oldest surviving English manuscript of any type.

It is a fascinating manuscript and is believed to contain many of the secrets of the early English language.

This is the first time that it has been published by a non-profit organisation.

The saragoonic manuscript is the most complete English text of the Middle English, Latin, French and German.

It was first published in 1592 by the University of London.

In it, the author describes a time when a woman named Saragoon lived at a castle called Wigan, and that she had written a treatise on grammar and grammar-related subjects.

The manuscript also contains a list of words, including “fellow”, “friend” and “lady”, that appear in the language of the day.

It also contains passages that are thought to have been inspired by earlier medieval sources such as the Latin Vulgate.

The book is considered a masterpiece by the Oxford University Press, which is publishing the manuscript under a nonfiction title: The Saragoons Letters to His Wife.

The manuscript has been described as the “lost manuscript of the medieval English language” by Professor David Kavanagh, who heads the department of literary history at the University College London, and is the director of the Cambridge Medieval Library.

He has worked on the manuscript for more than a decade.

“This is the best-preserved manuscript we have so far from the Middle Ages,” Professor Kavanah said.

“It’s a very significant and important manuscript, and the first to be published in a nontextual format.”

The manuscript is very well-presaged and very well preserved.

We have a very good idea of how it was written, and we know how the author wrote it.

It’s written very clearly and concisely.

“Professor Kavanagah said that the manuscript is not a complete manuscript, but it does have many of its important and significant sections, which are all in a single book.”

There are several sections, but we have some of them that have survived, like the parts about pronouns, which were very important in the early Middle English,” he said.

The main sections are the first four chapters of the manuscript, where Saragoan’s son, John Sarago, explains how he was a young boy when he was taken from his mother, wife and children at age 10, and how they were taken to Wigan Castle.

Professor Kavanah said the manuscript contains many of those same words that were found in medieval sources, including the phrase “friend”.”

That is a very important part of the story of Sarago and his family, but there are also some phrases that are really important, such as ‘friend’ and ‘friendship’,” he said.”

John Sarago also writes that he went to Wigmore, the father of the King of England, with the intention of marrying him, but his wife refused to accept the proposal, saying that she was too young.

“She said that she would rather be the King’s wife than be his friend,” he told Al Jazeera.

“Sarago was very upset, and he sent a letter to his son in 1510, in which he explains how this happened.

He describes how he had to go to Wigs, the place where the marriage took place, and marry the king.”

He explains that he had been taken there, not as a child, but as a grown man, and when he got there, he went and made love with his wife.

“When he returned to Wigans, he had his friend, John, and after that, they went their separate ways.”

Saragos wife also wrote that her father had given her a book, but the manuscript did not contain it.

“I think it is a pity that there is no copy of the Sarago’s Letters to his Wife, because I think it would be quite an extraordinary book, because we have the same language, the same grammar, the very same vocabulary,” Professor Kiran said.

Professor Kiran added that it was also important to know that the Saragos had a very long and rich life, and many of them had children.

“We know that they were married to many different men, and there are many people who wrote poems about them,” he explained.

Professor John Karavanagh has studied the manuscript since he was in his early 20s.

He said that it is important to remember that the manuscripts of Middle English were written on parchment.

“In the 14th and 15th centuries, parchment was the most commonly used type of writing, because it was very cheap and because it is waterproof,” he added.

Professor Karavanah has spent many years studying Middle English manuscripts, but he said that he was not sure if there was a copy of a manuscript

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