What’s the story behind the ‘Manuscript Fountain Pen’?

In the 1970s, American artist George Gagosian commissioned a manuscript fountain-pen to be used as a personal fountain pen.

The pen was to be painted onto a paper and the pen itself would then be attached to the paper and used as the pen’s nib.

A few years later, the fountain pen was launched and its first sale was made to the public.

Since then, it has sold over one million copies. 

The Manuscript Fountain pen became a sensation.

It was the first pen to be published in the US in the 1970’s and in 1985, the pen sold more than 3.5 million copies in its first year alone.

The first printing of the pen was sold to the Smithsonian Institution, which used the pen to publish the National Museum of American History’s collection of the early 20th century. 

Gagosian had the pen painted on a paper of black and white, and it was placed on a wooden base and attached to a wooden stand.

He used it as a reference for his drawings. 

As the ink dried, the ink was wiped off and the base was replaced with paper and a wooden frame.

The original pen was never seen again. 

According to the National Archives, Gagos was so inspired by the pen that he kept it as his personal art.

The first printing lasted for only a year and a half, but in 1987, it sold more 2,300 copies in the first week.

In 1989, the first issue was printed in a new edition and it sold an estimated 2,000 copies a week.

Gagos has sold more pens in the USA than any other artist, and in his own words, he “never really understood the commercial potential” of the product. 

“It was never a big thing for me,” Gagos said in an interview with the New York Times.

“I thought that if you’re selling something, the only reason to do it is if you can get people to buy it, and if you do that, the money comes back.

And that was it.

That’s all I really cared about.

I was never interested in doing something commercial, which is why I never wanted to make money.” 

 So what does it take to sell a fountain pen?

According to the company that owns the pen, the main thing that you need to have is a strong desire to create something new and different. 

In addition to the fountain, the company also sells a line of hand-made pens.

“They’re handcrafted.

It’s not a mass produced product,” said James Miller, the president and founder of the company.

“It’s a lot of craftsmanship.

It goes hand-in-hand with the fact that you’re creating something new.” 

The company also offers a range of different materials for fountain pens.

According to Miller, they also sell a range products like hand-written notebooks, handmade pencils, hand-carved glass and paper, and wooden furniture. 

It’s also important to have the right aesthetic.

Gagos, who lives in New York, said he would love to design a fountain for the Manuscript pen, but he doesn’t think the market will accept it.

“People have a very, very strong sense of individuality and they don’t want to be told what they can and can’t do,” Gapsian said.

“People are not very open minded and they can be very judgmental of you if you don’t have a specific aesthetic to your product.

I think that would be a huge problem for a lot, because people would want to do what they wanted to do.” 

“People would want a fountain that was really, really cool,” Miller added.

“The idea is that it’s really cool, but the product itself is just a piece of paper.” 

For those who are interested in making their own fountain pen for personal use, Miller said they have many models that are sold on eBay.

He said that there is also a dedicated community for fountain pen enthusiasts on Facebook, which has over 8,000 members. 

Miller added that he has a website called Fountain Pen World where people can learn about different types of fountain pens, learn how to create their own and buy them.

 The Fountain Pen is available for sale online, but it costs a bit more than the ink used in the fountain pens and it’s only available for purchase in the United States. 

If you have any questions about the fountain or any of the other products on the site, please reach out to the website.

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