When will we know whether it’s true that men and women are the same thing?

People have long been fascinated by the idea that men are the primary sex and that women are secondary.

The latest research, however, suggests that’s not quite the case.

In a new paper, psychologists from Yale University and the University of Cambridge have found that it’s not really the case that men tend to be more physically and emotionally aggressive than women.

Instead, the two genders are quite different, and it seems that women’s aggression is primarily related to their level of social status.

That means men are more likely to act out if they are under pressure, while women’s is more likely when they are at their most vulnerable.

The study is published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

“Our research is consistent with previous research suggesting that men behave in ways that are consistent with the idea of gender stereotypes, but we were surprised to find that our findings do not necessarily correspond to gender stereotypes,” lead author Michael J. Sullivan, a psychology professor at Yale, told The Verge in an email.

“When it comes to men, our research suggests that the gender stereotypes we’re talking about here are more like stereotypes about men than they are about women.”

“Our findings suggest that gender stereotypes in the sex difference literature are more relevant to men than to women,” he continued.

“What is more, our results are consistent for both men and for women.

We believe that these results can help to clarify some of the commonly used assumptions about gender differences.”

In other words, if you think about it, the sex differences we’ve seen in the world have been built on the assumption that men have more aggression than women do.

But Sullivan says the new research indicates that men actually have more empathy.

“The idea that women should be more like men is not true,” he told The Huffington Post.

“Women are actually better than men at expressing empathy.

So the question is not what is true, but what are the differences?”

The difference between men and men in aggression is actually quite significant, and the study indicates that both sexes can be equally as aggressive.

“We also found that there is a strong difference in the level of anger that women exhibit,” Sullivan said.

“That is, women are more emotionally aggressive and more likely than men to show anger in social situations.”

When it comes down to it, though, the question that’s most important to men is how they’re feeling.

“Men are more physically aggressive than they should be,” Sullivan concluded.

“So in the long run, we would say that women have the edge in aggression.

Sullivan says that while the research shows that women act out more, the actual level of aggression women display in real life isn’t what matters most. “

But women are also more likely and, as a result, are more vulnerable in social contexts.”

Sullivan says that while the research shows that women act out more, the actual level of aggression women display in real life isn’t what matters most.

“In the context of aggression, we’re trying to get the real world out of the way, so that it can be studied in a controlled way,” he explained.

“If you can do it in the lab, then it’s easy to show that women behave in a way that is consistent across the world.”

The study was conducted using the Social Distress Scale (SDS), which has been used by psychologists to assess social stress.

The SDS measures how stressful people feel and the amount of emotion they display in response to a series of emotional stimuli.

For the new study, Sullivan used the SDS to gauge how men and “women behave” in the context on a social and emotional scale.

“A lot of the research on aggression has focused on men and how they act, but not how they feel,” Sullivan told The New York Times.

“To really get a sense of the gender difference, we had to do an analysis of the SSS.

That was a very difficult task.

Women are much more likely that men to express anger than men are to express empathy.”

The SSS has been adapted by other psychologists to include measures of anger, sadness, and frustration.

But this is the first time that a study has compared the behavior of the sexes.

It is unclear how much gender differences there really are in aggression, but Sullivan said it’s important to note that this research is not conclusive on this topic.

“It’s not clear whether men’s and women’s attitudes toward violence are really different, or whether women are actually more aggressive than men,” he said.

Sullivan says he thinks the answer lies in how we measure aggression.

“My hypothesis is that we’re measuring aggression in terms of how much it feels like it’s affecting other people, and that it might be different from men’s,” he added.

“Maybe men’s aggression feels more like it affects other people.

It might be less of a male-dominated culture, and so maybe we’re actually measuring the effects of other people

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