‘The Manuscript of Voynich’ reveals secrets of the Gothic Codex

Deirdre Harkin, who co-authored the book, said it was the first time that an Englishman had actually seen a manuscript printed in Germany.

“I was living in London at the time and I met a man who worked in a printing plant in Cologne,” Ms Harkin said.

“He had a book that he wanted me to read, so I went up to him and said ‘Would you mind if I took a look?'”

It was a very dark day and we didn’t know what to expect, so he gave me a book and I went to look and found the whole thing, which is very rare for English-speaking people in general.””

I thought it was a beautiful book, it had a beautiful cover and it had this lovely handwritten text and I just had to look.

“Ms Harkin was given the manuscript and the handwritten text, and she was shocked by the amount of detail that it contained.”

There were things that I thought were a little bit odd, I was very impressed by the handwriting.

“It’s just like a book, a book with a very special title, ‘The Voynisches Manuscript’ was printed in Cologne.”

The manuscript was written on silver-plated sheets, which were then laid on a table and covered in gold leaf.

“The pages were completely blank and they had gold foil around them,” Ms Taggart said.

The pages contained a number of clues that made the discovery possible.

“One thing that you find on these pages is a reference to an area that’s in the middle of the book.”

They also have this little drawing of a ship in the center of the page, and it has this image of a woman with a baby in her arms.

“And there are three other images, the first is of a man with a horse and the second is of the woman with the child and the third is a picture of a horse.”

Ms Taggarts book will go on sale at the New World Library in New York on March 29.

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