A beautiful medieval manuscript by Robert Klarpelis is on loan from the Library of Congress

A medieval manuscript written in alchemy and composed by a German scientist and chemist named Robert Klarps is on the verge of returning to its library.

The Library of the United States Library of Medicine and its collection of manuscripts, books and other collections are keeping the manuscript for a couple of years.

The library hopes to bring it to the attention of Klarpels wife, who has also written a book about her research on the manuscript.

“She was quite excited to see the manuscript and wanted to make sure it was a valuable addition to her collection,” said Elizabeth Karpelz, the library’s director of public affairs.

The manuscript was discovered in a German cemetery in the 1930s by a group of researchers who had a long search for the manuscript after Klarpps death in the late 1920s.

The discovery came as Klarpes son was working on a dissertation on chemistry at the University of Vienna.

Karpelzes daughter, Ewa, said the discovery was an opportunity for them to be able to bring the manuscript home with them.

“We were just overwhelmed to learn about this wonderful discovery,” she said.

“We had to wait for the library to get back to us.”

Karpels family, who owns the land where the manuscript was found, had been hoping to bring their daughter to see it but were told the library would be able’t because the family had moved.

“This is a very special moment,” Klarps granddaughter, Lise Karpels, said.

The library hopes the manuscript will become a permanent home for the Klarpess, who died in 1926.

It will also be part of a permanent collection of scientific materials in the Klarpels family.

The Klarspels manuscript, called “The Philosopher’s Stone,” is a small, hand-written manuscript in a format similar to a pen and ink.

The manuscript is written in a simple style, and it is dated to the 16th century, but scholars believe it dates to at least the 12th century.

Klarpels son was a chemist and was involved in the discovery of many new chemicals, including a chemical that was later used to create a variety of new medicines, such as the opium poppy.

The family said the Klars have had the manuscript since they were children and had written to the library a couple years ago.

The family has been collecting and storing it for about 20 years, but only now is it finally getting its time to come home.

“I think it’s important to bring this to the public because it will help the public to learn more about these important topics, ” said Karpeli.

“It will also give us a great deal of hope that the Klarms are going to have a permanent place in our family,” Karpelman said.

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