How to help an Australian manuscript with a lost link to the 19th century

How can you help an ancient manuscript?

Carolingian manuscript researcher Linda Bowers says the answer is to help it find its way back to the Australian Library, where it belongs.

Key points:Professor Linda Bower says the carolingians lost their manuscripts to an army of illiterate Australians over a period of several centuriesProfessor Bowers was studying a caroling manuscript at the National Library of New South Wales when she realised it was missingProfessor Bower, who is now in her 40s, said she and her team had been studying the manuscript for over a decade.

“I realised that if we could find it, it could go back to Australia, and I thought, well, why not?” she said.

“So, I decided to go and find it.”

Professor Backs’ team found the manuscript, the first of its kind to have been lost to Australia.

“The manuscript had been there for some time before we even found it, and that was when we realised it had been lost,” she said.

“Professor Linda says finding the carolling manuscript is a huge featProfessor Burch says finding and retrieving lost manuscripts is a very difficult task.”

A lot of these manuscripts have been in museums for thousands of years, and they’re not accessible anymore,” she explained.”

When we found this manuscript it was completely missing from the collection of the National Archives in Canberra, and we couldn’t find any records about its existence at that time.

“She said it was an incredibly significant discovery, as it represented a significant piece of the carolings lost history.”

This is a unique manuscript that was lost to the Austronesian Empire in the 19-century and is now located in a private collection in Australia,” Professor Burch said.

Professor Barts’ team has spent the past decade and a half, researching the manuscript and will now be returning to the Library of the Australian National University (ANU) for another major examination in early 2020.”

We have some exciting opportunities in front of us, and it’s a big project and we have some very exciting challenges ahead of us,” she added.


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