Why the cover of the New York Times Magazine is so dark

The cover of New York Magazine is illuminated. 

It is a very dark cover, one that, for better or worse, has become a symbol of the magazine’s status in the eyes of the public.

And it is a cover that has not always been a symbol for the magazine.

In fact, it has been a cover of a very, very dark magazine, with a cover like that.

It was, in fact, a cover designed by the magazine in 1953, and it was designed by one of its most prolific cover designers, Michael Schoenfeld.

Schoenfield’s cover design for the New Yorker was first published in 1956, and he is considered one of the most prolific designers of cover designs of any era.

But for the first 20 years of its existence, the magazine had a very different design.

It was not dark at all.

It did not have a black background.

It had no red borders.

It featured a bright white cover that read, in bold, bold letters, “THE NEW YORK TIMES.”

This is the cover design that appeared in Newsweek in 1953 and it has remained a iconic cover design to this day.

Schoeffels design was a great example of the early days of magazine design, when cover design was in its infancy and there were very few of the iconic cover designs.

Schoenfeld’s design was not just another cover design.

Schoes cover design had a more specific purpose, which was to make a book appear dark in the center, which would allow the magazine to sell the book more easily to readers who could not read.

This is the same style of cover design on this 1957 issue of Newsweek.

It has a very specific purpose: The magazine wants to sell more books, and more books sell more quickly.

And Schoen’s cover is a beautiful illustration of what the New Republic is all about, the philosophy of New Republic magazine.

Schonefels design, in this case, is much more of a traditional cover design, but it has the exact same effect.

Schofers cover design is also a good example of what was to come, as Newsweek’s covers would soon be the first cover designs to feature the word “NEW YORK” in bold letters in the middle of the cover.

In 1957, Newsweek had no shortage of cover designers.

Its cover design team included several designers who were all well known in their own fields.

Among them were Richard Rogers, who was the editorial director of Newsweek and was a prolific cover designer.

Richard Rogers was the first person to design a cover for Newsweek.

In 1956, Rogers was named Newsweek’s editor-in-chief, a position that he held until his retirement in 1983.

He was a very prolific cover design designer, having designed cover designs for magazines such as The Nation, Newsweek, Newsweek Plus, and Newsweek in other forms.

He had designs for everything from the covers of The New Republic to Newsweek magazine.

And he had designs designed for Newsweek, but he also designed covers for Newsweek Plus.

In his memoir, The Story of Newsweek, Richard Rogers wrote that his cover design work was a reflection of his philosophy: “I think that the way to change the world is through illustration.

That is why I designed covers with the words ‘New York,’ ‘New Republic,’ and ‘New Yorker’ all printed on the inside of the page.”

He said, “The New Republic was a magazine that was designed to give you the feeling that you were at the top of the mountain.

You were at a summit and the rest of the world was beneath you.

You saw the world, and you saw what the world really looked like, and then you looked up and saw that the world looked very different than it did.”

In other words, he was saying that if you wanted to change something, you had to get up on top of something.

The New York Review of Books is the world’s most prestigious publisher.

It is a New York publication, which means it is owned by a group of wealthy New Yorkers who own and control a significant percentage of the stock.

They have invested a great deal of money in their magazine and in their book.

Newsweek was an important publisher in that it was one of America’s first magazines to feature a front cover that was very much an illustration.

This is what a New Republic front cover looked like: It had a red border and it featured a red and white cover.

It also featured the word NEW YORK on the front.

The cover was not only a statement about the magazine but also a statement of its philosophy.

In other news, Newsweek also used the word THE NEW YORK STATE UNIVERSITY, which has the same meaning that Newsweek’s cover did, “We are a state university.”

The New State University is the most prestigious and prestigious university in New York.

Newsweek also was a major player in the United States, and in 1954, Newsweek was awarded the coveted National Newspaper Publishers Association Award.

Newsweek is a

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