How to decipher ancient texts from byzantines by Krishna and Krishna II

The Sanskrit text of the epic Mahabharata, the second book of the Bhagavad Gita, has become the world’s oldest written text and has been translated into more than 70 languages.

It is the oldest surviving written language in the world.

In the past decade, it has been found in ancient Chinese manuscripts, but there is no conclusive evidence that the text came from India.

The text is from the time of the Buddha and his disciples, between about 500BC and 250AD, and it was translated into Chinese, Korean and Japanese by a team led by Prof Akshay Kumar from the University of California, Los Angeles.

The team, led by Professor Kunal Nath, a scholar in ancient Sanskrit, has recently published the results of its study in the journal PLOS ONE.

“Our study is a very exciting development, because we now have the definitive translation of the earliest written language from India,” said Dr. Kumar, who is also an assistant professor at Harvard University.

“This is a major achievement for Sanskrit and its translators.

Sanskrit is not just a language but also a cultural and religious tradition, and the translation is a significant achievement,” he said.

The texts have been translated from Sanskrit into Mandarin and Chinese and then into other languages, which is why the team did not translate the entire text.

They instead studied the language and the cultural and linguistic details of Sanskrit and the surrounding Chinese culture, like its alphabet and grammar.

The Sanskrit-Chinese text is composed of nearly 400 pages of Sanskrit verses, and a large number of the texts are fragments, fragments of Sanskrit fragments that had been translated by scholars over the centuries.

“This makes it possible to reconstruct the story, and to reconstruct an ancient text,” said Prof. Kumar.

The study shows that the texts were written by the ancient Buddha.

He is the first known author of the entire epic, but his life was not recorded in Sanskrit.

The oldest known Sanskrit text is the Bhavna Sutta, which dates back to the time when the Buddha lived and preached.

In the early Buddhist texts, there are two Buddhist scriptures called the Bhatamsa Sutta and the Bhayana Sutta.

These texts were first compiled in the 7th century, and they contain a huge amount of information about the Buddha.

The Buddha’s life and teachings are the central themes of the Mahabarata.

“These texts are a great treasure, and we can learn a lot from them,” said Professor Kumar.

“But they do not come from India, they are Sanskrit,” he added.

“And the text of Mahabbaratas is a unique text that was not known by other authors, and there is absolutely no evidence that it comes from India.”

Professor Kumar is also the first author of Sanskrit’s first written work, a Sanskrit poem called the Kala Prakashasan.

“The Kala was written about 500 years after the Buddha died, and this poem is the only known version of the Kama, or Kala, of the first century BC,” he explained.

The poem has a different language than the Kaha Prakastan, but it is an ancient, original work.

“There are many Kala-Prakashan poems, but none of them have a Sanskrit version.

The Kala is a great achievement because it shows how Sanskrit was written and how it evolved over time,” said Kunal.

The researchers also discovered a manuscript written in Sanskrit, which was probably a fragment of a later Sanskrit text called the Sankaracharya Sutta or the Sastra.

This is a more recent work written in Chinese, but the authors were able to read the words.

“These fragments are of great importance because they show how Sanskrit came to be written and translated by the Chinese,” said professor Kumar.

“We now know that the Chinese did not write the first Sanskrit text, but they wrote some of the later Sanskrit texts,” he concluded.

The Sanskrit text has been used in Buddhist texts for thousands of years.

It was translated by a number of people including the Chinese scholar Liangshan Wang.

It has been called the first written book in India and the first recorded Sanskrit language.

“In a few decades, this Sanskrit text will become the main text in our classrooms, and in the history books of India,” Professor Kumar said.

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