Why is Al Jazeera a bad place for journalism?

Al Jazeera has been a hotbed for criticism and controversy, but the network has managed to keep its core values intact, despite having been accused of bias and mismanagement in the past.

The network has faced numerous scandals in recent years, including the hacking of its website by a group calling itself the “Guccifer 2.0”, and the leak of more than 10,000 internal emails by the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

The latest scandal came after Al Jazeera retracted a story it said wrongly attributed an attack on a Ukrainian television network to the Russian military.

The story, based on an anonymous source, was widely condemned for being false.

The network has denied that it had anything to do with the story, which led to widespread protests in Ukraine and abroad.

Al Jazeera also faced a backlash after it aired an interview with a member of the armed separatist group that is fighting Ukrainian forces in eastern Ukraine.

Al Jazeera has had its share of missteps too, but it has also managed to survive the crisis in the world’s most populous country.

The news channel has consistently had an image of being a progressive news channel that covers important issues with impartiality and integrity.

But now, in the aftermath of a brutal conflict, Al Jazeera is in a precarious position.

In addition to the WikiLeaks revelations, Al Jazeera is also facing criticism for failing to report on the death of two young women, Nadiya Savchenko and Andrei Gubarev, who were killed in an apparent Russian airstrike.

The two women were shot in their home in eastern Ukrainian territory by Russian forces.

Al Jenaimes coverage of the incident was critical of Russia’s actions and the West’s response.

The report, entitled “Russia’s air campaign in eastern Donbas: A human rights report”, was published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and published by Al Jazeera.

But the network failed to mention Savchenko’s death, which is considered a murder, as well as a report by Amnesty International on the fate of the two young activists.

Al Jazeera has defended Savchenko, saying she was killed because she was helping Ukraine’s separatist rebels.

The report also questioned Russia’s role in the conflict, which has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians and has killed more than 20,000 people.

It also criticised Russia for its use of artillery to bombard the separatist-held east of the country, a conflict which has since been called a genocide.

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