‘No way’: The ‘no way’ of a manuscript author

article PALM LEAF MANUSCRIPT SOCIETY NO WAY article Palme Leaf Manuscript Society (PLMS) has said it would not accept a manuscript that includes the phrase ‘no means no’ in its guidelines on manuscript writing.In a letter to the Editor on Wednesday, PLMS president Eileen Tappen said the “no-means-no” phrase was

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How to publish a novel by publishing it in a journal

title How To Publish a Novel by Publishing It in a Journal article article article title Why the New Journal article title This article by the New York Times is a journal essay article title New York’s Times article title A New Journal Article article article author Jonathan S. Freedman

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How to Use a Manual Herbicide to Kill a Weed

The EPA’s new guidance will give growers the option to use a manual herbicide for weed control.But there’s a big catch.It only applies to the new DEET-based spray.The new spray will be available only for the herbicide glyphosate, which is derived from glyphosate-tolerant bacteria.It won’t work on weeds that are

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God Is Not Real

By David Brody September 22, 2018  God Is not real.The Bible doesn’t say that.And that is because it isn’t true.This article, by David Brodty, is based on a recent book published by the American Baptist Association.It is not a Bible study.It will not change anyone’s mind.It does not prove God

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How to find your next treasure in a medieval manuscript

Illustration by Alix Jelley-Hughes, Courtesy of The Medieval Museum and Library, Oxford University.Illustration of the “A” manuscript, a medieval manuscripts of a woman in a robe, from the “Tribal Chronicle” (1524-1549).The manuscript was painted by a Dutch artist called Leopoldus Dutroux, who died in Belgium in 1975.The “Tribe” manuscript in

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How to prevent your children’s cancer

The European Parliament voted Wednesday to require all children aged between three and 17 to be vaccinated against a new coronavirus that was linked to a surge in cases in Europe.In a vote that came after weeks of heated debate on the subject, the Parliament approved a motion to extend

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Manuscripts for sale: Easy illuminated manuscript cast with undated, undated cover from the Bible

An illuminated manuscript from the book of Genesis was sold on eBay on Monday for $1.25 million.The manuscript, a 7,000-word text from the Book of Genesis, was discovered in 1995 by Israel’s Israel Antiquities Authority.The text was a part of the Hebrew Bible, the sacred book of Judaism.The book was

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How can the bible be reformed to make it more accessible to more people?

Reformed sermon manuscript borders can be tricky to read, and they can be hard to understand.But that’s not stopping people from using them as a guidebook for their Bible reading, according to a new study.Key points:Researchers have found the border changes in the Bible could help people find it easier

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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